Humble beginnings are the seeds for bigger things to come: Spearfish Equipment is PROUD to offer the Mahindra line of tractors and Utility Vehicles. In 2010 Mahindra became the #1 Selling tractor in the WORLD. 

Helping others RISE is the heart of Spearfish Equipment and Mahindra - whether this serves individuals, organizations or our community - we strive to reach beyond our walls to improve the quality of life. Accepting NO Limits, alternative thinking and driving positive change fuels our determination to succeed. We engage our customers one-by-one so people can experience the Spearfish Equipment difference: our commitment to deliver the toughest tractors and utility vehicles on EARTH.

Today, Mahindra is not only the fastest growing tractor brand in North America, Mahindra is the WORLD'S #1 selling tractor. At Spearfish Equipment, we owe it to our customers who share our values and principles of working hard, delivering on promises and going above and beyond.